Set an alarm for 1 minute

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What is the 1 Minute Timer?

The 1 Minute Timer is a free online timer that allows you to set a one-minute timer online. It is mostly used for timing short tasks or to set the alarm for a minute later.

How to Use the 1 Minute Timer?

First, select the sound of your choice for an alarm. Then, click the "Start the Timer" button to start a countdown timer of 1 minute. After starting the countdown, you can pause or stop it anytime. And, when the countdown is over, you can restart it or just halt it. Additionally, you can also use the one minute timer in fullscreen by clicking the Fullscreen text above. In this way, you can see the remaining time in fullscreen-mode.

What Can You Do In a Minute or Less?

Although one minute sounds like a short time, you can complete so many things in a minute. Here are some of the things you can do in a minute or less by setting a 1-minute timer or a one minute alarm with sound:

  • Relax
  • Drink water
  • Make your bed
  • Text your friend
  • Plan the day ahead
  • Read a page of a book
  • Tidy up your workspace
  • Take a sip from your coffee
  • Have a short walk around the room
  • Plug in your phone or tablet to charge it
  • Write one or two sentences for an essay
  • Clean some unread e-mails from your inbox
  • Check your latest notifications on your mobile phone
  • Send a reply to the e-mail that you've been avoiding for a long time
  • Take an occasional break and rest your eyes by looking away from the screen

What Is 1 Minute in Seconds?

60 seconds

What Is 1 Minute in Milliseconds?

60,000 milliseconds

What Is a Minute in Decimal?