Set an alarm for 10 minutes

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What Is the 10 Minute Timer?

The 10-minute timer is an online timer for any activity that takes 10 minutes or less. Easy-to-use, anyone with basic computer knowledge can set and start a 10-minute countdown timer with this online tool.

How to Use the 10 Minute Timer?

To set a 10-minute timer, you don't need to do anything specific as by default the timer is already set to 10 minutes. To start the 10-minute countdown timer, click on the "Start the Timer" button. After starting it, you can click to the "Pause" button to temporarily stop the timer or "Stop" to abort the timer. You can also select a sound as an alarm that should notify you when the countdown is over.

What Can You Do in 10 Minutes?

Here is what you can do in ten minutes:

  • Listen to two or three songs
  • Pray or meditate
  • Call or text your friends and family
  • Play with your kids or siblings
  • Cuddle your cat or dog
  • Clean your study desk
  • Clean or vacuum your room
  • Wash the dishes
  • Water the plants
  • Pay your bills
  • Clean and maybe reply some of your unread e-mails
  • Make or update a to-do list of things that you should get done
  • Unfollow some people from social media - especially the ones who don't bring joy in your life
  • Read a few pages from your book
  • Learn a new phrase or some new words of a new language
  • Take a quick walk around your home
  • Have some healthy snack
  • Rest your eyes and mind

What Is 10 Minutes in Seconds?

600 seconds

What Is 10 Minutes in Milliseconds?

600,000 milliseconds

What Is 10 Minutes in Decimal?