Set an alarm for 15 minutes

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What Is the 15 Minute Timer?

15-minutes timer is an online timer that allows you to set a timer for fifteen minutes. It gives the user a lot of comforts and is ideal for situations where you have to set deadlines several times a day. It can also be used as an alarm clock where you can set an alarm for 15 minutes later.

How to Use the 15 Minute Timer?

The 15-minute timer is a simple to use tool that requires no skills. To use the 15-minute timer, follow the steps below:

  • First, choose a sound from the drop-down list. There are many sounds that you can choose.
  • Second, press the blue button "Start the Timer" to start the 15 minutes online timer. After starting it, you can stop, or restart it.
  • Lastly, you can dim the light by pressing to the moon button on the top left corner and use the timer in fullscreen mode by clicking to the "Fullscreen" text above.

What Can You Do in 15 Minutes?

There are many things that you can do in 15 minutes or under a quarter of an hour. Here is a list of things that you can accomplish in or under 15 minutes.

  • Go for a quick walk
  • Prepare for your presentation
  • Catch up on the latest news
  • Read a chapter of a book
  • Prepare a great breakfast
  • Meditate for a while to clear your mind
  • Take a break from studying and relax
  • Respond to invitations that you have been avoiding
  • Develop short term goals to help you achieve your long-term goals

What Is 15 Minutes in Seconds?

900 seconds

What Is 15 Minutes in Milliseconds?

900,000 milliseconds

What Is 15 Minutes in Decimal?