Set an alarm for 5 minutes

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What is the 5 Minute Timer?

The 5 Minute Timer is a free online timer with a pre-set countdown. It is mostly used for timing tasks that can be done in 5 minutes or less. Stop postponing small activities and get your work done with the 5-minutes alarm.

How to Use the 5 Minute Timer?

It is straightforward to use the 5 Minute Timer. You can start a 5-minute countdown by clicking the "Start the Timer" button. If you suddenly get busy, you can click on the "Pause" button to pause it. Additionally, you can stop it by clicking the "Stop" button to start once again from the beginning. When the countdown process is over, the timer usually rings loudly to notify you. You can also choose the sound that fits your needs.

What Can You Do in 5 Minutes?

Whether you are so busy or have nothing to do in your free time, here is a list of the things that you can do in 5 minutes:

  • Read an online article with less than a thousand words.
  • Work out for 5 minutes to burn up some calories.
  • Go for a short walk in your home or your garden.
  • Enjoy your coffee.
  • Have a small chat with your friend.
  • Call your parents.
  • Clean a part of your room.
  • Have a snack.
  • Take a quick nap to relax.
  • Take a study break.
  • Check your e-mails to clean some unread messages.
  • Delete some of your unnecessary photographs on your mobile phone.
  • Check your daily to-do list and your plans for the next day.

How Can You Pass 5 Minutes Fast?

If you don't have anything to do, then the time passes slowly. You can make better use of your time by accomplishing a useful tiny postponed task under 5 minutes. In this way, you can feel that the 5 minutes passed so fast. Finally, you can use an online 5-minute timer to track the time to accomplish those postponed tasks.

What Is 5 Minutes in Seconds?

300 seconds

What Is 5 Minutes in Milliseconds?

300,000 milliseconds

What Is 5 Minutes in Decimal?