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What Is an Egg Timer?

An egg timer is a small device used for timing the boiling of an egg and gauging its doneness or state. In the past, egg timers relied solely on time to determine how well an egg was cooked, which wasn't always accurate. Modern designs, however, make use of temperature to get a higher level of accuracy.

When Was the Egg Timer Invented?

No one knows for sure who invented the egg timer. Although all fingers point to the famous Italian polymath and engineer Leonardo da Vinci, based on the conclusion made by a team of researchers after studying the scientist's notebook extensively, they found an image that looks like a form of primitive apparatus for timing the boiling of an egg. Whether it's a grumpy old lady, who got tired of being disappointed with getting her boiled eggs not meeting her expectation or a jovial scientist who developed it just for the fun of it? We will never know for sure. It seems the jury is still out on this one.

How Does an Egg Timer Work?

Well, it depends on the type of timer you're using! Egg timers that use time counting to indicate the cooking state of an egg are mechanical. Hence, just like manual timers, they use mechanical clockwork to measure time. Newly designed egg timers use temperature rather than the time to know how well an egg is cooked.

How to Use an Egg Timer?

Place the egg timer device alongside the eggs you want to cook inside a pot filled with water. Then heat the water until it starts to boil and keep an eye on the egg timer for a change in color. When the timer indicates that the eggs have reached your desired state (dark red color lines reaches the markings you want), remove the eggs from the heat and transfer to cold water. Finally, let the egg timer cool.

How Long Does It Take To Boil An Egg?

While there's no universally agreed upon time for making the perfect egg as the boiling time depends on the size of the egg and what you intend to use it for, among other factors. Here's a little guide to help you get the perfect boiled eggs consistently when cooking. Keep in mind that a smaller egg will require a shorter time, and a much larger one will require a longer time. For a standard egg, boil for seven minutes if you want an egg with a firm white and a soft, runny yolk; eight minutes if you want an egg with a firm white and a jammy yolk; ten minutes if you want an egg with a firm white and tender yolk; twelve minutes for a fully hard-boiled egg that is not over-cooked.

How Long Does an Egg Timer Take?

An egg timer takes anywhere from 3 minutes (for soft-boiled eggs) to 10 - 15 minutes (for hard-boiled eggs).

Why Is an Egg Timer 3 Minutes?

The reason that most egg timers are 3 minutes is that the least time it takes to cook an average-sized egg in water is about 3 minutes. And, the three-minute egg timer is ideal for soft-boiled eggs.

Where Can I Buy an Egg Timer?

You can get an egg timer from House & Kitchen retailers. If you'd like to learn more about egg timers available on the market, then check our reviews about the best egg timers.

What Is the Online Egg Timer?

Online Egg Timer is an online kitchen timer that can assist you with timing during cooking. With the Online Kitchen Timer, you can also set an online alarm and create a countdown timer for general kitchen and timing use.

How to Use Online Egg Timer?

To use Online Egg Timer, set the egg timer's duration with the up and down arrows that can be found within the red egg above. After that, hit the "Start" button.